Expert Network
The collaborative team of specialists, guided by the vision of Joanna Demkow-Bartlomé, works together on specific projects to bring best results. They combine strong background in business design, growth, design thinking, technology scouting, and an understanding of "what's next", to deliver innovative ideas for the urban built environment of today and tomorrow.

During 17 years of serving varies international roles in engineering, business design & development, sales and management across the building industry, I had the privilege to work with multi-national teams and lead projects with wide range of clients – from startups to Fortune 500.
Being part of many product launches, co-founding and managing a construction startup, designing and executing go-to-market strategies, gaining hands-on experience in negotiating strategic sales and partnership deals with small and large companies, I decided to found Kvalho, to support the industry innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses out there in bringing their innovations to market.
As a IDEO certified service and business designer, I serve as a jury member and a trusted advisor to startups in smart city, smart buildings, proptech and contech verticals.
Through my projects and together with my collaborators and clients we work towards united vision to jointly create a better urban built environment for society, environment and economy.

Help every entrepreneur and company, who brings innovative concepts, software and hardware solution to reshape the urban build environment, to succeed with their ventures.
I do that by helping them to dream big, turn new trends into inspiring business concepts and master the idea development and business growth process, by guiding them in how, where (and why) to apply it's building blocks.